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Stabilizing Camera Support absorbs and redistributes the camera’s weight, that allowing for more comfortable and stable handheld shooting

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The Cinema 3 Stabilizing Camera Support from Easy Rig is one of the operator’s most beloved accessories. The camera is attached to the top clamp of the Easy Rig, which then absorbs and redistributes the camera’s weight from the neck and shoulder muscles to the hips and legs of the operator, allowing for more comfortable and stable handheld shooting. This patented system allows the camera to stay at various levels (e.g, shoulders, waist, or knees) while being easily maintained in a stable position, enhancing the handheld experience.

The Cinema 3 provides the stability and support necessary for news broadcasts, sporting events, documentaries, and numerous other professional applications where the operator is required to shoot for extended periods of time in a handheld configuration.

1 х EASYRIG III Long CINEMA 500N / Long CINEMA 400N/ Short CINEMA 500N / Short CINEMA 400N / система стабілізації
1 х Easyrig Bag / сумка

  • Максимальне навантаження 400N

    11 kg

  • Максимальне навантаження 500N

    13 kg

  • Максимальне навантаження 600N

    15 kg

  • Максимальне навантаження 700N

    20 kg

  • Вага

    3.5 kg

  • 16×9 Kong Quick Release Adapter
  • EASYRIG Quick Release


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