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RENTAL #1 in Ukraine


4×1 Fomex RollLite RL41-150w Flexible LED Mat

New Arrival, Fomex RollLite RL41-150w is flexible bi-color LED Mat 4’ x 1’/ 120cm x 35cm. Colour temperature is variable between 2700°K to 6500°K and dimmed from 1 to 100%. Optionally Softbox. Available at…

24mm MACRO lens LAOWA T14 2X Probe

Additional arrival, Laowa 24mm f/14 Macro Probe PL-mount, Full Frame. Available at PATRIOT Rental!

12mm LAOWA T2.9 Zero-D

New Arrival, LAOWA Zero-D 12mm, T2.9, PL-mount! Lightweight Ultra Wide Angle Cine Lens with minimum image distortion covering Full Frame sensors. Available at PATRIOT Rental!

Laowa OOOM Zoom 25-100mm T2.9

New Arrival, Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine lens with PL/EF/E- mount! OOOM is the first cinema zoom lens from Laowa. It is designed to deliver a vintage look in both color rendition and…

ASTERA Hyperion 4-lamp Tube Kit

New Arrival, the First in Ukraine! Astera HYPERION Tube – the Double version of Titan tube! The double length, brightness and batteries with all the same wireless capabilities. Available at PATRIOT Rental!

2×1 Fomex FL1200 Flexible LED Mat

New Arrival, Fomex FL-1200 is a flexible Bi-Color LED light mat 2’x1’ / 30cm x 58cm. Designed for all-weather use, with an IP64 rain and dust protection rating. Colour temperature is variable between 2700°K…

ARRI SkyPanel LED Softlight RGB

Next huge arrival of ARRI SkyPanels! Now even more than ever SkyPanel S360, SkyPanel S120, SkyPanel S60c, SkyPanel S30 are available at PATRIOT Rental!

KOWA P+S Evolution 2X lenses

New Arrival, KOWA P+S Evolution 2X Anamorphic Lenses 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, PL-Mount. Famous KOWA vintage look with completely new housing and mechanics. Now available at PATRIOT Rental! Tests are Welcomed!

Astera SnapGrid for Titan/AX1 and Helios

Additional arrival, SNAPGRID 40° in two size for Single Tube – Astera Titan/AX1 and Helios. Available in large quantities at PATRIOT Rental!

SnapBag OCTA 3′ for SkyPanel S30/S60

DoPchoice SNAPBAG OCTA 3′ has a 3ft diameter and it’s easy to install with the RABBIT-EARS MINI to SkyPanel S30 or with RABBIT-EARS Rectangular to SkyPanel S60. Additionally, DoPSnapGrid is also available at…


14 Polyarna Str., Kyiv,
Ukraine, 04201
04201, Україна, м. Київ,
вул. Полярна, 14
14, Vylitska Str., Lviv, Ukraine, 79037
33, Frantsuzkyi boulevard Odesa, Ukraine, 65044

 company specializes in comprehensive provision for video-making: video shooting, lighting&grip equipment, staff, energy supply and transportation.

Our company was founded in 1999. We are currently the biggest rental company in Ukraine – with its head-office in Kiev and branches in Lviv and Odessa, and we have extensive experience in complex technical maintenance  of video shootings of any complexity.

PATRIOT Rental was the first in Ukraine who presented the world’s brands of film equipment, which today have become the quality standard in the film industry.

The company’s goal is the development of modern, high quality technologies of shooting that match the highest international standards.

Our specialization: feature films, advertisements, music videos, TV shows, documentaries, public events.

is the transport partner of the company PATRIOT Rental.