Video control

Rent video control equipment

PATRIOT Rental provides rental services for video control equipment at the best prices. For many years we have been providing professional film and video filming of any complexity, constantly expanding our range of DIT kits, video/audio recorders, monitors, equipment for playback, raids and speakerphones.

Rent video control equipment at PATRIOT Rental

Our company specializes in providing film and video equipment, and offers the widest range of professional video control equipment:

  • DIT/Playback Sets
  • Equipment for Playback
  • Reids
  • Software
  • Portable video/audio recorders
  • Monitors
  • Wireless video transceiver sets
  • Mobile TV studio
  • Sound speakers
  • Walkies and intercom systems

Rent video equipment for filming TV, Cinema, Music videos, Advertising projects

We are constantly expanding our technical capabilities. Traditionally, we have the most modern equipment and a professional team in our arsenal. Our experts will advise and help you make the right choice of equipment for filming.