Terms of cooperation

1. Ordering equipment:

Reservation of equipment is made in advance, by submitting an electronic request to an e-mail of the Manager of a corresponding direction (advertising-clips, TV or cinema) of the Patriot Rental company with indication of:

– the Customer company name,

– date and venue of shooting,

– the list of necessary equipment,

– approximate shift duration,

– specificity of shootings,

– surname and name of the operator,

– the schedule and the form of settlement for the equipment and personnel work

The company PATRIOT Rental, confirms the availability, reservation and shipment of the ordered equipment in full, in a case of receiving of the order not less than 24 h before the commencement of the work.

The equipment is leased only with the service personnel of PATRIOT Rental, whose working cost is determined by this price-list.

Staff recruitment is carried out in advance according to the planned schedules of the Customer; urgently not less than 6 hours of the working day; extra 1-2 hours, with a surcharge of 20% on the personal fee.

The equipment may be leased to the Customer’s personnel under condition of passage of certification in the PATRIOT Rental company.

2. Shift duration and overtime work of personnel and equipment:

Shift duration of work of the personnel is:
– on advertising and musical projects – 10 hours,
– on cinema and TV projects – 12 hours (incl. 1 hour for dinner)

At shooting within boundaries of the city of equipment basing, the time of shift beginning of the personnel work is considered to be the time of call of equipment to the site. The time of the termination of shift is the command about the termination of shooting from the director’s group.

In case of shooting beyond the borders of a city and return within the limits of one-day shooting on base, time calculation is made from city board to city board, i.e. the beginning of calculation of shift is the time of crossing city board at departure from a city and the termination at entrance to a city of equipment basing.

In case of shooting in other settlements, at provision of a hotel for personnel residing, the time of beginning of a shift is the time of departure from hotel and the time of shift termination is the time of return to a hotel.

Overtime work for the personnel starts to be calculated 15 minutes after the termination of the basic shift and ends on command about the shooting termination.

In case of projects with duration of more than one film-making day the Customer should provide a break between shifts not less than 10 hours. If performance of this norm is impossible and a break between shifts decreases, then the time difference is paid as overtime work of the personnel.

In case of impossibility of providing a lunch break for cinema and TV projects, the Customer pays an additional hour of overwork to the staff if the 12 h is fully worked out.
In case of non-full shift, specifically personnel worked no more than 11 hours, the current lunch is not available.

The shift duration of equipment work is 24 hours. In case of excess of 24 hours of the equipment work, the Customer pays for additional shift of rent. On long-lasting projects, after 6 days of personnel working, the Customer must provide 1 day of rest (day off, at least 24 hours) for the Personnel. If the Customer is unable to provide a day-off, the 7th day is paid by double tariff.

In the case of 6 days of work, where the 6th day is a night shift, the Customer must provide 12 hours for sleeping and 1 day of rest (24 hours).

If the Customer is unable to provide sleeping hours and a rest day, totally 36 hours, the 7th shift is paid by double tariff.

3. Equipment and personnel transportation:

Delivery of the equipment to a shooting venue is provided by the company PATRIOT Rental within the limits of passableness of the technological transport.

The taxi is paid to the personnel (according to the current tariffs of official taxi services, with the providing of SMS):

– in case of loading beginning earlier than 7:00 and termination of unloading after 23:00,

– in case of the start of loading equipment after 23:00 (night),
– irrespective of time of loading/unloading in case of shift duration more than 20 hours, and also night shooting.

In case of shootings outside the city of equipment basing, the Customer provides moving of attendants to a place of shooting and back.

In case there are no places for technical personnel in Camerwagen or the provided transport from Production, the logistics (after 7:00 and until 23:00) of the personnel are determined by the Customer.

With the equipment in the Camerwagen the following should go to the location:

– camera equipment – mechanic of the first category,

– dolly – engineer of the first category.
Technical staff must clearly (taking into account the transport specifics of the city) plan the loading time and the time of arrival at the location, in case the arrival at the location is carried out by urban transport.

4. Payment of the personnel work

After the shooting termination the senior of a brigade of the personnel (1st camera mechanic, head electrician) gives to the Customer for the coordination the pay-sheet on payment of the personnel work in which he sets the time of the shifts beginning and termination, quantity of hours of overtime work and taxi. After the coordination the Customer is obliged to sign the pay-sheet.

The calculation of work of the personnel is made according to the schedule and terms preliminary co-ordinated with the Manager of a direction.

In case of a break between shifts, without possibility of return of equipment and personnel to a city of equipment basing, the Customer provides residing and daily allowances for the personnel, and also protection of technological transport and equipment.

Daily allowances, according to the current price list of PATRIOT Rental Company are paid to the personnel on the basis of quantity of days of stay in business trip, since day of departure from a city of equipment basing and till the day of return to a city of equipment basing (inclusive). Daily allowances are paid by the Customer to the personnel in the first day on arrival in the district of shooting.

The customer provides personnel catering at the shooting area (catering or removal of technical staff to a possible place of food, shop, cafe, etc.). In the case that it is not possible, any conditions of food on the site or export to the place of possible food, the Customer should notify the manager \ staff in advance when placing an order for staff. Staff catering is optional and ordered at the request of the Customer).

5. Payment of the equipment rent

Cost of equipment rent is specified in the price-list excl. VAT 20%. Payment is made at a commercial rate.

In order to guarantee the provision of services by PATRIOT Rental, the Customer must prepay up to 50% of the agreed prior service cost before the commencement of services.
Full payment is made by the Customer after the provision of services within 5 banking days after receiving the final invoice.
If the pay ment for the project is not received in time, PATRIOT Rental reserves the right to stop any further provision of services to the client until the payment is received.
Thank you for understanding.

The cost of ordered equipment rent, the amount of the discount, the form and the payment schedule the Customer agrees with the Managers of the company before the shooting.

6. Responsibility for the equipment:

Responsibility for integrity of the equipment is born by attendants of the PATRIOT Rental company, except as otherwise provided herein, as a result of which full financial responsibility is assigned to the Customer:

1. in case of performance of extreme shootings with risk for life of the personnel and integrity of the equipment;

2. in case of attraction of the third parties (who didn’t pass certification in the company PATRIOT Rental) by the Customer for service of the equipment;

3. in case of equipment placing on special, not intended initially for filming, devices and mechanisms (autotowers, airplanes, helicopters, water mechanisms etc). The Customer bears full financial responsibility for possibility of failure of this equipment and damage of the equipment provided by PATRIOT Rental due to this.

PATRIOT Rental reserves the right to refuse in providing the equipment for shootings if the risk of there may be latent breakages and defects of the equipment which can be shown in due course and lead to damage. The customer is obliged to warn the Manager of a direction about a possibility of such shootings in advance.

The risk degree is estimated by the personnel serving the equipment directly at the shooting area and it has the right to refuse from shooting of a dangerous shot if it can cause harm for health of the personnel and equipment damage. If the attendants refuse to carry out orders on installation of the equipment for a dangerous shot, based on risk of damage of the equipment, the further negotiations are conducted directly between the Manager of a direction of the company PATRIOT Rental and the Customer. Renewal of shooting of this shot is possible only after the reached arrangement between the Manager of a direction of the company PATRIOT Rental and the Customer, by means of written guarantees of compensation of a possible damage and clarification.

If the equipment is provided for shootings as a result of arrangements, the Customer takes up full financial responsibility for equipment damage. In case of equipment damage, the Customer pays repair or purchase of the new equipment of the company PATRIOT Rental instead. Also, the Customer pays the penalty to the company PATRIOT Rental connected with possible financial losses of the company PATRIOT Rental, as a result of equipment downtime under repair. The penalty amount is agreed with the Manager of a direction of the company PATRIOT Rental.

7. Accommodation of staff on a business trip
While staffing the business trip, the accommodation is made at the hotel. The mechanics responsible for the camera and accessories should reside in separate rooms (camera mechanics may not reside in a room with other departments). Accommodation in rented apartments is possible only in the presence of security and video surveillance of the house, floor, yard. If there is a risk of life, or the likelihood of damage or loss of equipment, the Mechanic has the right to request a change of living conditions.

8. Responsibility for material

During the work with digital cameras, the Customer provides the carrier for material copying.

Rental doesn’t bear responsibility on material loss after carrier transfer with a material to the Customer.

The copy of a material of shooting day and files playback, being stored in the computer of the playback operator if storage function isn’t requested, are removed in 3 days after the end of shooting. Need of additional storage makes a reservation in addition with the Project manager.