14mm COOKE S4/i S35 Lens T2

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Lens offers superb optical and mechanical performance

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14mm focal length lens. Each lens has a silent diaphragm with a T2 – T22 transmittance and a coverage area for Super35 matrices. It uses a Cam focus system that, unlike Helicoid, does not require frequent maintenance and works inertia. The lens has PL mounts and supports both manual and semi-automatic focus control. The front diameter is 87 mm. The /i system sends lens setup information to the camera. The lens is marked in feet and inches.

1 x 14mm COOKE S4/i lens

  • Lens Mount


  • Focal Length

    14 mm

  • T-Stop Range


  • Maximum Format Cover

    Diameter 30 mm (Super 35 mm)

  • Rotation of Iris Scale


  • Max Front Diameter

    110 mm

  • Weight

    2.2 kg


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