COOKE Speed Panchro Lenses T2.2-2.3 18,25,32,50,75mm SET

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Classic “Cooke Look” Panchro lenses with superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations.

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No other lens has the beautiful and unique look of vintage Cooke Speed Panchros. They are known for how well they render faces, and for their painterly quality. These are the lenses responsible for the term “The Cooke Look.” They are as sharp as you need a lens to be, but still very flattering. They have a gentle focus roll-off and are just a little warm. They have the perfect amount of barrel distortion and vignette. These are often the lens of choice for shooting close-ups of faces.

Mechanically speaking Cooke Speed Panchros are as good as it gets, with incredibly smooth focus movement and very close minimum focus distances for every focal length. These lenses are a joy to work with, and they will give your project a unique look, that makes it stand out from the pack.


  • Common focus and iris gear positions relative to mount flange.
  • 110mm common front ring diameter.
  • M105 front filter thread.
  • PL mount; back focus adjustable with standard shims.

COOKE Speed Panchro Color correction:

  • 18mm – 5600K,
  • 25mm – 5600K,
  • 32mm – 6300K(+700K),
  • 50mm – 6300K(+700K),
  • 75mm – 5200K(-400K).

1 x 18mm COOKE Speed Panchro lens
1 x 25mm COOKE Speed Panchro lens
1 x 32mm COOKE Speed Panchro lens
1 x 50mm COOKE Speed Panchro lens
1 x 75mm COOKE Speed Panchro lens
1 x COOKE Multi-Case

  • Lens Mount


  • Focal Length

    18, 25, 32, 50, 75 mm

  • Aperture

    T2.2, T2.3

  • Close Focus

    18mm – 0,19m, 25mm – 0,18m, 32mm – 0,22m, 50mm – 0,38m, 75mm – 0,70m.

  • Maximum Format Cover

    Full Frame, Super 35 mm

  • Max Front Diameter

    110 mm

  • Rotation of Iris Scale


  • Weight

    5,165 kg


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