35mm RED PRO PRIME lens T1.8

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This lens compliments RED high-resolution cameras

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RED PRO PRIME Lens is a product of superior craftsmanship that produce an image that is super sharp and with contrast. RED PRO PRIME lens is a uniform T1.8 and displays minimal distortion and CA; featuring amazing edge-to-edge quality.

The RED PRO PRIMES compare favourably with the Arri / Zeiss Ultra Primes, which is incredible considering the reputation (and the cost) of the Ultra Primes.

This lens is designed by RED to compliment their UHD / + 4K high-resolution cameras.

1 х RED PRO PRIME Lens T1.8 35 mm

  • Lens Mount


  • Focal Length

    35 mm

  • T-Stop Range

    T1.8 – T22

  • Maximum Format Cover

    Super 35 mm

  • Max Front Diameter

    110 mm

  • Weight

    2.75 kg


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