10mm LOMO OKC lens T3.2

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The unique LOMO OKC lens

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This is 1980s and its performance is still impressive today. It flares easily and in a very beautiful way. Its unique irises allow you to render bokeh that is either circular or a dramatic flower petal shape depending on what stop you shoot at. This characteristic alone will make your work stand out in a world where 90% of modern lenses have rounded 9-bade apertures.

1 x 10mm LOMO Lens T3.2

  • Lens Mount


  • Focal Length

    10 mm

  • Maximum Format Cover

    Super 35 mm

  • T-Stop Range


  • 300mm LOMO ОКС Super Speed lens T3.0
  • 200mm LOMO ОКС Super Speed lens T3.0


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