2×1,5 CineFLEX HUE “L” 100W RGBW LED Mat

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Slim, lightweight & bendable 100W CineFLEX RGBW LED Mat

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The CineFLEX HUE “L” unrolls into a 61×46 cm flexible LED mat that is only 1 cm thick and weights about 0.8 kg, thus being a versatile lighting instrument to use on the set.

The flexible design allows for the panel to be used in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs and other more. For example, if rolled into a cylinder form, the panel can be used for a 360° panorama in small product photography or for long thin highlights in reflective objects. When twisted into an arc form, the CineFLEX can be used in product photography as an effective wrap-around lighting. Just choose the desired shape to mold the panel into and use adhesive tape to secure the final form.

The CineFLEX features a built-in Velcro back edging that allows customizable mounting to any grip-on surface. Having a thin profile, the CineFLEX can be placed in tight spaces like car / boat / plane interiors, elevators or even inside objects for product photography. Also, using the adhesive Velcro design, multiple panels can be joined together to form a large LED wall.

1 x Flexible LED mat RGBW CineFLEX HUE “L” 100W 2’x1,5′ (61×46)
1 x X-Cross back frame with tilting bracket
1 x Controller CineFLEX HUE “L” with OLED display & V-mount
1 x CineFLEX Controller Neck Strap
2 x Controller CineFLEX antennas
1 x Power cable CineFLEX HUE 5 m
1 x Stand mount with 16mm spigot
1 x CineFLEX HUE “L” 100W 2’x1,5′ (61×46) RGBW KIT Case

  • Power Consumption

    100 W

  • Correlated Color Temperature

    2800 – 10000 K


    CRI 97 / TLCI 98

  • Dimming

    0 – 100 %

  • Weight

    0.8 kg

  • Dimensions (LхHхW)

    61 x 46 x 1 cm

  • SKU


  • Softbox 2×1,5 CineFLEX “L” Kit
  • Diffuser Dome 2×1,5 CineFLEX “L”


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